Our Stories

Pilot Parish

In 2019, St. Augustine of Canterbury began as one of the first four parishes to pilot the NeXt Level program. Our team of five quickly dove into project planning, and founded what is now known as PEACE of Mind. These founders are Madison Reda, John Michael Artuso, Angela Cirelli, Luke Domingo, and Gabrielle Domingo. PEACE of Mind has since expanded, and continues to work towards a world that nurtures mental health education. 

Meet the Team

Madison Jean Reda

Madison is a full-time student, and a founder of PEACE of Mind. Currently, she attends Notre Dame High School, where she received the Fitzpatrick Family Academic Merit Scholarship. Madison writes, "To me, our passion project is important because it allows us to not only educate the masses on mental health, but it allows us to give a voice to the voiceless. This program has given me the tools to help those I love, while also helping myself. I take great pride in being part of such an amazing program, and I truly believe we are paving the way to better mental health education."

Aside from her service work, Madison enjoys kayaking, visual arts, and poetry!

John Michael Artuso

John Michael is a full time student, and founder of PEACE of Mind. He currently attends Immaculata High School, where he is a member of the National Honor Society, and heavily involved in Campus Ministry. John Michael writes, "To me, PEACE of Mind is an integral part of our community. Our passion project gives us youth the opportunity to speak and be heard.  It is why we take such pride in what we do. I strongly believe our advocacy will make a lasting impact on the community we serve.  In addition to helping others, the founders have learned to truly practice what we preach." 

Aside from his devotion to service and PEACE of Mind, John Michael enjoys playing golf, writing, and spending time with friends. 

Gabrielle Domingo

Gabrielle is a full time student, and founder of PEACE of Mind. She currently attends South Brunswick High School. Gabrielle writes, "To me, PEACE of Mind is a community where I feel the most sense of community in my life. Not only is mental health crucial to our parish, but also to our daily lives. PEACE of Mind works towards instilling the same passion we have for mental health in its members." 

Aside from her devotion to PEACE of Mind, Gabrielle enjoys writing, singing in choir, and reading.

Elise Domingo

Elise is a full-time student and joined PEACE of Mind in its third year. She attends St. Augustine of Canterbury School, where she is a member of the school chime choir, and captain of the 8th grade tech team. In regards to PEACE of Mind, she writes, “PEACE of Mind, even before joining, has been an influential part of my life, considering my siblings’ role in founding the project. The project taught me how to care for my own mental health and how to encourage others to care for theirs. Though I have joined just this past month, I am looking forward to making memories and leaving a project where its members can find their own peace of mind.”

Aside from this passion project, Elise enjoys digital and traditional drawing, as well as reading and playing the ukulele.

Past Members

Luke Domingo

Luke is a full-time student and a founder of PEACE of Mind. He attends Rutgers University, in New Brunswick where he is a rising major in the Engineering field. He writes, "PEACE of Mind is a fundamental part of my life. A lot of memories are made in this community and lessons are learned throughout the journey. This whole passion project is a blessing to be a part of. I am looking forward to the future endeavors and possibilities that we come across." 

On the side, Luke enjoys writing, performing slam poetry, and watching anime!

Angela Cirelli

Angela is a full-time student and a founder of PEACE of Mind. She attends Stuart Country Day School, where she is proud to be a Student Government representative, Multicultural Club founder, and Peer Leader. Regarding the passion project, Angela writes, "By fusing the topic of mental health with our Catholic faith, PEACE of Mind has truly become a special place. The community enables us to build each other up while simultaneously making our own well-being a priority. I am extremely grateful to be a part of such meaningful work."

In addition to PEACE of Mind, Angela loves health and wellness, playing basketball, and traveling. 

Jessie Tesi

Jessie is a full-time student and joined PEACE of mind before its second year. She attends Notre Dame High School, where she participates in Varsity Cheerleading, Notre Dame Niceties, Mock Trial, Notre Dame Performing Arts, and serves on the executive board as a communications liaison for Peer Leadership. Jessie writes, "During the start of PEACE of Mind I had already started to see the impact this group had on our community. When asked to join, I considered it an honor to be able to represent and advocate for the youth who's voices aren't heard enough. This journey with PEACE of Mind has taught me so much about my relationship with God as well as helping others with their faith and health journeys. I couldn't be more grateful to work with this team, and I can't wait for more to come."

Aside from PEACE of Mind, Jessie enjoys doing gymnastics, dancing, and playing basketball.

Christian Cruz

Christian is a full-time student and joined PEACE of Mind before its second year. He attends Notre Dame High School, where he participates in Theater. Christian writes, "PEACE of Mind is important to me because I have suffered from mental illness in my past and it gives me a place where I can help other people to not have to go through what I did. I'm excited to be a part of this group and I am grateful to be working with everyone."

Aside from PEACE of Mind, Christian enjoys playing video-games, reading manga, and playing guitar.