PEACE of Mind

We are dedicated to creating an accepting atmosphere that empowers all to erase mental health stigmas personally, culturally, and universally.

In-person meeting, 2019

Photo taken before COVID-19 and mask mandates

Our Mission

PEACE of Mind strives to end the stigma surrounding mental health by creating a community of empowerment and awareness. Our name holds the program's core values that we use in our advocacy.

"PEACE" stands for "prevention, education, awareness, community, and engagement."

Together, the PEACE of Mind (PoM) team hosts about 8 monthly meetings in a year. Each meeting covers an aspect of mental health, such as self-care or terminology. We work hard to bring mental health education to the youth in a way that is fun and easy to understand!

Our Foundations

PEACE of Mind was created by the NeXt Level program, a branch of the Center for Faith Justice (CFJ). We began in 2019 as one of the four Catholic parishes chosen to pilot the new program. Together, the original five youth founded PEACE of Mind: a program for the youth, by the youth. We have since added to our team, and look forward to continuing our program. Click here to learn more about the NeXt Level program from CFJ's website. (See if you can spot us in the video on their page!)

October 17, 2019

Our first PoM meeting!

Photo taken before COVID-19 and mask mandates